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Biffignandi Group


Being part of a reality like that of Biffignandi Group has led Kunzle & Tasin to undertake new and important technical and market opportunities: from the continuous attention to innovation, to the strategies linked to coated abrasives, from the applications for the machines of Künzle & Tasin range, to repairing on glass and to micro-finishings in technologically advanced industrial areas.

The group associates, in a balanced way, the added value of a family business with the characteristics of a multinational company projected to the international market.

Künzle & Tasin brings to the group its consolidated international presence and benefits from being an important component of the consolidation and development plan undertaken by the group. The clientele can therefore count on new products, reliability and efficiency in service, tradition and solidity, synergies and dynamism.

Biffignandi Group


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