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Kunzle & Tasin



Founded in 1946 by the Swiss Massimo Künzle and the Italian Ezio Tasin, Kunzle & Tasin S.r.l. has rapidly established itself as a reference point in the market for woodworking and parquet treatment machines.


In July 2010, Kunzle & Tasin became part of the Biffignandi Group, combining tradition, solidity, innovative skills and international projection. Its distribution network has been strengthened over time through two important partnership agreements: in 2011 with Omnitrack, for the marketing of the special Spherical Wheels and in 2013 with Bona AB, for the marketing of a common fleet of machines and accessories for the treatment of wooden floors.


Meanwhile, the new challenges in national and international markets required a strong push towards innovation and the ability to look at other sectors, not necessarily linked to the traditional core business. With this awareness, Künzle & Tasin developed and launched in 2018 MULTI MODE LINE, the new line for professional cleaning. Products with unique and distinctive features, the Multi Mode Line models are the best solution for cleaning and sanitizing different surfaces and environments: from the industrial to the commercial sector, to the cleaning of schools, hospitals, public places, ...


Finally, in January 2020 Künzle & Tasin acquired the business branch of Menghini & Bonfanti, “La Genovese”, a well-known historic company, specialized in the production of grinding machines for concrete, marble and natural stone floors. A synergy that will allow a successful combination of the respective backgrounds, so offering to customers and partners even new valuese and increasingly innovative solutions.



The new challenges constantly require strong research and drive for innovation. Aware of this, Kunzle & Tasin is continuously focused to think, design and develop new solutions.


The design and production of new machines, not necessarily linked to our usual core business, lead us to propose new treatment systems, able to accomplish successfully any task in different situations and contexts, so simplifying and improving the daily job of each professional.


What we want to offer our customers are smart solutions, in line with technological innovation and with the real needs coming from the market, but always respectful of the latest regulations regarding environment and safety.



Since the very beginning, the technical development of KT's new products has been the result of a close cooperation between our company and those who really use our products in their daily job, the flooring specialists.


The initial insights and ideas of the founders of the company, have always been carried on by a team of technical experts, able to further develop their ideas and continue the path they traced.


The focus on research, new solutions and patents acquisition, the historical competence in the wood flooring treatment and at the same time an open mind-set and the constant attention for innovative machines and systems, show an uncommon vitality and passion for excellence.


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