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Menghini & Bonfanti arrives in the new KT premises

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Menghini & Bonfanti arrives in the new KT premises

2020 was a very important year for Menghini & Bonfanti. From 1st February 2020, the company was integrated by Kunzle & Tasin srl, a historic manufacturer of woodworking and parquet machines. The result so far has been an excellent synergy between different but complementary professionalism and skills, which has allowed Menghini & Bonfanti to withstand the tests of this difficult year in the best possible way.

Starting from the second half of December, Kunzle & Tasin srl / Menghini & Bonfanti business branch - currently located in the factory in Via Santissimo Nome Di Gesù 20, 16014 Ceranesi (Genoa) - will also move to the new Künzle & Tasin premises inaugurated a month ago in Paderno Dugnano (Milan).

The new location is a modern and functional building, complete with innovative and efficient systems: several assembly lines, a new department for advanced mechanical processing, a large and equipped test area, automated goods picking systems, a large logistics center,...

Menghini & Bonfanti items (machines and professional tools) will also be included in KT production and commercial system, an integrated and functional model capable of guaranteeing an even faster, more effective and quality service to the entire distribution network.

Menghini & Bonfanti machines and tools will then be enhanced in the new training room (with adjacent demo areas), where specific seminars and training will be set up, to ensure complete training on machines, professional tools and systems for processing concrete, marble and stone.

KT Point, the flagship of the new structure, is Künzle & Tasin Official Sales Point and Service Center: a convenient and comfortable environment where every professional can buy everything needed for daily work.

Menghini & Bonfanti items (machines, tools and spare parts) will also find appropriate visibility and space within KT point and will be explained and proposed by our team of experts. It will be possible to see them, try them out and, if necessary, buy them quickly and easily.

Closely connected with KT Point is the repair and maintenance service, completely renovated and fully integrated within the systems and services of the new KT premises. Menghini & Bonfanti machines that need check and / or repair will be “refurbished” quickly and efficiently. To optimize times and results, we recommend that you ask for an offer in advance (download the model) and book the service directly.

With the change of premises and the recent acquisition of Menghini & Bonfanti business unit, Kunzle & Tasin srl is redefining not only a new working environment but also the way of presenting itself as a multi-product and multi-brand company - in an economic context in continuous and rapid evolution - to establish, on a renewed basis, deep, profitable and long-term relationships with all professionals and operators of the main reference sectors.

The location was also chosen in this perspective. The new KT premises and KT Point are in fact inserted within a large and ambitious road and motorway junction, which will in fact allow us to be closer to all customers.

Unfortunately, it takes a few months to complete this project. By 2021, the access to KT premises will be directly connected to the Paderno Dugnano exit of the SP 46 road, commonly called "Rho-Monza" (or to the roundabout connected to it).

In the meantime, the access to Künzle & Tasin site in Paderno Dugnano is today only possible from Via Marzabotto 63 - Paderno Dugnano  (Milan) (see on GoogleMaps).

For any commercial information relating to Menghini & Bonfanti products, you can still continue to refer to Ms. Orietta Oliveri: tel. +39 3420387091 - e-mail

As soon as the road network is stabilized (and the problems related to the pandemic overcome), Ms. Oliveri and KT team will be happy to invite you, to show you all our services and evaluate with you the opportunities for knowledge and work we can develop together, to better face trials and challenges that await us.

See you soon!