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The power of an idea

The new challenges of national and international markets demand a strong push for innovation and the ability to look to other sectors. Floor treatments in particular require more and more advanced machines, flexible and well performing, able to work in a comfortable and safe way and assuring top results.

That’s why Künzle&Tasin focused its efforts to develop , an innovative range of products with unique and distinctive features, ideal for cleaning and treating in the best way different environments and surfaces.

All these products guarantee excellent cleaning and sanitizing performance, and are the most suitable solution to succesfully accomplish every cleaning task, even in complex and different environments: industrial, commercial, institutions (schools, hospitals, public places, …).

Thanks to their modular and combinable structure and to the perfect combination of 3 different cleaning modes (sweeper, scrubber dryer and vacuum cleaner) Module machines, the most representative models of , represent the most popular and common choice to accomplish cleaning tasks which usually would require the combined job of more devices.

D Module E 15, D Module E 15 MW/D Module E 25, W/D Module E 35W/D Module E 50 constitute a wide range of vacuum cleaners, to meet every specific need: dry and wet&dry vacs, in cable and (pretty new) battery version. The best vac team for the daily cleaning job.

Blue Golia, Blue Golia Plus, Blue Golia Plus KN single discs and Stornello Wood, Stornello Metal, Stornello Marble-Concrete-GraniteStornello Glass multi-surface sanders guarantee effective and long lasting treatments and restoring actions on different surfaces (marble, concrete, wood, …), so representing the best system, either for ordinary maintenance operations or for heavy duty ones.

Machines created to simplify and deeply improve the daily job of most operators, the models represent a real added value for contractors, professionals and every other specialist.