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Welcome to our new premises!

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Welcome to our new premises!

We are pleased to communicate to all our kind customers that, as already announced in recent months, the time has finally come. Despite the difficulties due to the current sad situation, the transfer of Künzle & Tasin to the new operational premises in Paderno Dugnano has been completed and all activities have resumed at full speed in a completely renewed context.
The new premises are a modern and functional building, complete with innovative and efficient systems: various assembly lines, a new department for advanced mechanical processing, a large and equipped test area, automated goods picking systems, a large logistics center,... Everything has been designed to guarantee an even faster, more effective and quality service to the entire distribution network.
Moreover an important added value is constituted by a new system of integrated services designed to meet the most specific needs of our customers.

With the new training room and the adjacent multi-demo areas, we will be able to guarantee a complete training on the products in the range, on the new models and on the many surface treatment systems we offer.

Inside the KT Point, the new sales and customer service Point, convenient, comfortable and flagship of the new structure, every professional can buy everything needed for the daily work:

  • different models of machines, depending on the surface and the type of treatment required: from the traditional KT sanders, to the models of the new Multi Mode Line range (scrubber-dryers, single disc machines, ...) designed for cleaning, to the Menghini & Bonfanti sanders, very recently acquired, for concrete, marble and stone;
  • a wide and diversified range of accessories, including the best sia-Abrasives systems, Bona products for daily and extraordinary cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors and other surfaces, a wide selection of Menghini & Bonfanti professional tools for marble, concrete and stone (metal and resin diamonds, diamond pads, ...);
  • any type of spare part.


Thanks to the new automated systems, the time for finding goods is highly reduced, with a significant time saving.
Created with a long-term perspective, KT Point will undergo further developments over the next two years, in a continuous progression designed with a view to an ever greater involvement and satisfaction of customers and partners.

Closely connected with the KT Point is the KT repair and maintenance service, completely "refounded" and fully integrated within the new KT systems and services. Your machines will be “refurbished” even faster and more efficiently.
To optimize times and results, we recommend that you request an offer in advance (download the model) and book the service directly.

With the change of location there is therefore the opportunity to rethink not only a new working environment but also the way of acting as a company - in an economic context in continuous and rapid evolution - to establish on a renewed basis, deep, profitable and long-term relationships with all the main professionals and operators in the sector.
Even the location was chosen in this perspective.
The new KT premises and KT Point are in fact inserted within a large and ambitious road and motorway junction, which will in fact allow us to be closer to all customers.
Unfortunately, it takes a few months to complete this project. By 2021, the access to KT premises will be directly connected to the Paderno Dugnano exit of the SP 46 road, commonly called "Rho-Monza" (or to the roundabout connected to it).
In the meantime, the access to Künzle & Tasin site in Paderno Dugnano is now only possible from Via Marzabotto 63 - Paderno Dugnano (see on GoogleMaps).
As soon as the road network is stabilized (and the problems related to the pandemic overcome), we will be happy to invite you, to show all our services and evaluate the opportunities for knowledge and work we can develop together.

See you soon!