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Blue Golia Plus

Blue Golia Plus

Blue Golia Plus

Power and performance for all floors and treatments

is a machine of

Powerful, solid, robust and ergonomic Blue Golia Plus is the ideal single-disc machine for daily cleaning and above all for maintenance, restoration and even demanding treatments of worn or damaged surfaces in marble, wood, concrete.
The 1,850 W induction motor guarantees optimal use of the machine in highly professional fields.
The rectangular section handle and the solid base fixing system ensure Blue Golia Plus maximum resistance to shocks, twists and strains.
The electrical box, located to the left of the handle (operator side), facilitates maintenance and repair operations.
Blue Golia Plus is equipped with a very wide range of accessories for standard washing and scrubbing, work on resilient surfaces, removal of glues and resins, treatment of ceramics and stone surfaces, grinding and polishing of concrete, brushing processes and wood distressing.
For each specific treatment, the most suitable tool with always excellent results!

Power: 1,850 W - 230-240 V / 50 Hz
Weight: 46 kg
Speed: 150 rpm
Disc diameter: 17 "- 430 mm
Drive flange: AG type

A 10 m cable extension is included.

Class: 02
P/N: 4899950044