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Menghini e Bonfanti in Kunzle e Tasin

Menghini & Bonfanti arrives in KT

The union of two great stories Made in Italy

2020 marked the beginning of a new chapter for Menghini & Bonfanti.
The company, active since 1917 and specialized in the production of grinding machines for natural stone floors, has been integrated by Künzle & Tasin srl since 1 February. The company has been active in the production of grinding machines for natural stone floors.

A new location for two historical realities

In December 2020, Menghini & Bonfanti arrives in the new headquarters KT, in via Marzabotto 63 in Paderno Dugnano (Milan).

Leaving the historic headquarters in Genoa, the company moved into a modern and functional context, complete with innovative and efficient systems: different assembly lines, a brand new department for advanced machining, a large and equipped test area, automated goods picking systems and a large logistics center.

A multi-brand company

With this acquisition Künzle & Tasin srl enters the market as a multi-brand company, adapting to a constantly evolving and rapid economic environment and renewing deep relationships, profitable and long-term with all professionals and operators in the sectors of reference.

Menghini & Bonfanti’s professional sanders and tools will be integrated into the KT production and sales system, an integrated and functional model able to guarantee an even more rapid, efficient and quality service to the entire distribution network.

The headquarters is easily accessible to all customers who can view the machines and tools KT and Menghini & Bonfanti at the KT Point, point of sale and official service center Künzle & Tasin srl.

KT Point

Menghini & Bonfanti arriva nella nuova sede KT: dettaglio macchine

KT Point is Künzle & Tasin’s official sales and service centre. It is a real point of reference for all professionals in the sector who want to buy or just know not only the machines and tools KT but also Menghini & Bonfanti.

In this environment, equipped and tailored to meet the needs of the professional, you can easily view, try and buy products and items interest and everything you need for daily work.

Our team of experts is ready to advise you on the choice of machines and consumables that best suit you and your needs.

Connected to the KT Point is the repair and maintenance service, completely renovated and fully integrated into the systems and services of the new headquarters Künzle & Tasin srl. In this context, a quick and efficient check-up can be carried out on all machines requiring checks and repairs.

Do you need to have your sanding machines checked? To ensure optimal service, contact us!

Continuing education for the professional

We believe it is important to provide those who choose to purchase and use our machines refresher courses and training moments to continue to grow as professionals.

For this reason, inside the company headquarters there is a new training room and several adjacent demo areas where specific seminars and trainings are designed and implemented to ensure a complete training on KT and Menghini machines and professional tools & Bonfanti and on the processing systems of surfaces such as cement, marble and stone.

Menghini & Bonfanti arriva nella nuova sede KT: le macchine

We are always at your disposal

Taking over a company like Menghini & Bonfanti means acquiring more than 100 years of history and unique know-how.

We are therefore at your disposal, to show you all our services and evaluate with you the opportunities for knowledge and work that we can develop together, to better face the trials and challenges that lie ahead.

We are waiting for you in Paderno Dugnano in Via Marzabotto 63 to discover the world of Künzle & Tasin srl and the world of Menghini & Bonfanti.

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