Satellite sander for the floor of Villa d’Este

Satellite sander for the floor of Villa d’Este

MB2001 at villa d’Este: two Italian jewels

A satellite polishing machine was used for the floors of Villa d’Este, a small jewel in that of Cernobbio (CO), which needed special extraordinary maintenance and restoration of surfaces.
But let’s see what we’re talking about.

Villa d’Este: a small jewel in Como

Designed by Pellegrino Pellegrini called “Il Tibaldi” Villa d’Este is considered one of the most beautiful works of architectural art of the sixteenth century; today is an hotel dedicated to an elite clientele and high-level conference tourism.

Every detail of this enchanting villa exudes art, all the corners, even the most hidden ones, tell of a piece of history and each room wisely reveals an original episode of the rich bourgeoisie of yesteryear.

As you can imagine, such an ancient villa needs daily care and more: actually, extraordinary maintenance and restoration works are essential. All that activities require high experience of the operators, attention to details and care in carrying out the work. That is made possible thanks to the choice of an appropriate equipment: the satellite polishing machine for the floors of Villa d’Este signed “Menghini&Bonfanti LA GENOVESE” Künzle&Tasin.

Villa d’Este is a very popular hotel with an elite clientele: customers who spend a few days for leisure in the enchanting setting of Lake Como, or attend the frequent seminars and conferences that are held weekly in the halls of the villa.

All this “going on” obviously requires a special attention to the floors of the villa: dated between the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, are elements that more than others have the need of a constant work of care and maintenance, to restore the original beauty continuously subjected to the trampling of guests.

Historical palladian flooring, made by small slabs of marble or stone of irregular shape connected by a cement usually red, are delicate to manage. A work of restoration of the surface that can enhance the drawings and the chromatic games present on the floor is possible only with suitable machines, especially able to respect the thicknesses, avoiding the inappropriate erosion of the floor covering.

We are therefore talking about a “gentle” and “controlled” polishing operation, in other words conservative.

But let’s see which machine was used for this operation as delicate as it is challenging!

The satellite polishing machine for the floors of Villa d’Este: MB2001

The answer to such a specific need, as the one of polishing the floors of Villa d’Este, was given by the MB2001 satellite grinding machine , a combination of power and ease of use, belonging to the Blue Line of “LA GENOVESE” Künzle&Tasin.

Designed to work in large spaces, the satellite polishing machine, compact and perfectly manageable, was the best solution for particular tasks like this, where it was necessary to operate on the surface without damaging it , giving the right polishing effect.

In charge of the restoration of the floors of the villa, the company Leonardo Project srl of Monza. Mr. Mombelli, the owner thanks to his long personal experience and to a great knowledge of the machine – has been able to use effectively MB2001, enhancing its features, so guaranteeing perfect results.

Today, “Menghini&Bonfanti LA GENOVESE”- now a well-established in the Künzle&Tasin group – confirms itself as a point of reference the stone grinders market and as a manufacturer of machines and accessories for high level professionals.