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The new Künzle&Tasin headquarter

Paderno Dugnano

A completely renewed and avant-garde context, one that sees Künzle & Tasin in the new headquarters located in via Marzabotto, 63 in Paderno Dugnano.

Despite the difficulties due to a historical moment that we all know sadly, Künzle & Tasin has implemented and completed its transfer by resuming activities at full speed.

The new Künzle & Tasin headquarter: integrated services

The new headquarters Künzle & Tasin is located in a modern and functional building, complete with innovative and efficient systems, such as:

  • several assembly lines to ensure even faster service
  • a new department for modern and advanced machining
  • a large and equipped test area in every detail
  • automated systems for goods picking
  • a large logistics center, to allow a rapid sorting of goods

Everything has been expertly designed to ensure the distribution network a renewed service and even faster and more effective.

Künzle & Tasin’s new integrated service system is a great addition to its customers’ needs:

  • a new training room, with adjoining multi-demo areas, to ensure a complete training on the products in the range, new models and multiple surface treatment systems
  • a renovated KT Point, the point of sale and customer service, the flagship of the new structure
  • the KT repair and maintenance service, closely linked to the KT Point and fully integrated into the new KT systems and services

KT Point

The new Künzle&Tasin headquarters houses a point of sale and customer service, a real point of reference for anyone dealing with surface treatment.
We have already mentioned it among the integrated services of the new headquarters, but we want to give it more importance, given the important role it plays in the daily lives of the professionals with whom Künzle & Tasin has to deal.

The KT Point is located in a comfortable and comfortable environment, where every professional can buy everything necessary for their daily work or request the necessary assistance.

Different products are proposed, depending on the surface to be processed and the type of treatment required:

  • KT machines: from the traditional wood sanders, to the models of the new Multi Mode Line range (scrubber-sweepers, single-brushes, …) for specialized cleaning, up to the Menghini & Bonfanti sanders developed to work surfaces such as concrete, marble and stone
  • a wide range of accessories to support the professional in the best way. From both Abrasives and Bona products for the ordinary and extraordinary cleaning and maintenance of wooden floors and other surfaces, to the innovative accessories that enrich the Multi Mode Line and Menghini & Bonfanti models
  • a wide choice of professional tools Menghini & Bonfanti to perfect the processing of surfaces such as marble, concrete and stone: from metal diamonds and resinoids to diamond pads
  • any type of spare parts reconnected to the above machines.

Thanks to the new automated systems, the time of finding of the goods turns out remarkably diminished, with a sensitive reduction of the times of waiting.

Created with a long-term perspective, KT Point will see further developments in the next two years, in a continuous progression designed with an eye to increasing involvement and satisfaction of customers and partners.

The new Künzle&Tasin headquarter: all references

The new KT site is part of a major road renewal project, which will allow us to be closer and easily accessible for everyone.  This project will be completed in the coming months. Meanwhile, the new headquarters Künzle & Tasin is accessible from Via Marzabotto 63 – Paderno Dugnano.

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We are waiting for you in the new location to show you all our news about surface treatment.