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Module E50

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The 3-in-1 machine: sweeper, scrubber dryer, vacuum cleaner.


Thanks to its modular structure, Module E50 can be used in three different configurations, carrying out work that in general requires the use of several appliances.
The compact size of Module and its pivoting wheel provide maximum maneuverability and control and allow you to work easily in any space.

The steel chassis and aluminum head make Module extremely robust and reliable, ideal for working even in difficult and heavy situations.

Its high-performance motors guarantee safety, resistance and effectiveness. The 50 cm head ensures maximum productivity.

All the main components (brushes, motors, battery compartment) are easily accessible making maintenance operations on Module easy and fast.

The three different module configurations allow you to perform different types of work with a single machine:

  • Equipment 1 | Sweeper
    The combined action of counter-rotating brushes and suction, collects dust and solid fragments. The heavier parts are conveyed into the internal cavity of the extractor hood (it can be easily emptied).
  • Equipment 2 | Scrubber dryer
    In just a few seconds Module can be transformed into a perfect scrubber-dryer, suitable for cleaning any floor.
  • Equipment 3 | Vacuum cleaner
    With the suction kit (optional) Module can also become a wet & dry vacuum cleaner, ideal for cleaning in the most difficult to reach corners.


Module E50 technical features:

  • Brush speed: 1,000 rpm
  • Drying width: 710 mm
  • Number of cylindrical brushes: n. 2
  • Voltage/Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Brush motor power: 750 W
  • Suction motor power: 1,000 W
  • Suction depression: 206 hPa (2.100 mm H2O)
  • Detergent tank capacity: 38 l
  • Recovery tank capacity: 50 l
  • Machine weight: 87 kg
  • Scrubbing track width: 500 mm
  • Sweeper productivity: 1,650 m2/h
  • Scrubber dryer productivity: 1,500 m2/h


This version includes:

  • Sweeping kit
  • n. 2 cylindrical nylon brushes 0.5


Classe: 40
Module belongs to MultiMode line

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