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Taurus 2.0 Belt UX

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Synonimous of power and strenght, Taurus 2.0 Belt UX is the top of belt sanders by Künzle & Tasin for sanding wooden floors.


Taurus 2.0 Belt UX, new model of the previous Taurus Belt HD, is a powerful and a very precise professional belt sander. It is the top of the range of floor sanders proposed by the R&D of Künzle & Tasin and gathers all the technical characterists required by a professional floor contractor.

This model can be used for distressing processes on wooden floors, through tynex or metal distressing drums. Standard fabric dust bag, disposable paper bags or remote vacuum systems can be used, at your convenience.

The major technical points of Taurus 2.0 Belt UX are:

  • The 2 working speeds for grinding and fine sanding (1,800 and 2,050 rpm)
  • The possibility of increasing the drum pressure up to almost the half of the machine total weight
  • The innovative patented tensioning unit that grants a self positioning of the abrasive belt
  • A very fast dismantling operation in three parts (frame, motor and handle), for an easier carrying of the machine by a single person

Taurus 2.0 Belt UX technical features

  • Weight:  85 kg
  • Speed: 1,800 / 2,050 rpm
  • Abrasive: 200 x 750 mm
  • Drum: 200 x Ø 185 mm

Taurus 2.0 Belt UX equipment

  • Electric extension cable 10 m
  • Cable holder / remote suction tube
  • Dust bag
  • Facial mask and ear protectors
  • Gloves
  • Tool bag and eye bolt


In addition for 2.2 kW version:

  • Transport trolley
  • Adapter for remote suction / paper bag


Class: 01
P/N: 2099950201BKT – 3 kW version
P/N: 2099950216BKT – 2.2 kW version (purchasable upon request)

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